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One of the most amazing things about photography is just how many places there are to get great shots. From autumn in New England to the sunrise over the Australia coast, there is no shortage of amazing wonders! From here you can browse through some of my favorite locations on the planet.

Then there's the street photography. Nothing is quite like the spontaneity of capturing True Life as it's happening! If you received a card from me on the street, make sure that you check out the section on street photography. You may find yourself there!

I also do Corporate Event photography, where branding, marketing, social media, and business intersect. If you've been part of a corporate event, you may find some rather stunning photos of yourself that may be worth keeping!

Last, but certainly not least, there's Fashion photography. One of the most enjoyable experiences a photographer can have is to work with models. Lights, camera, action! 

Like what you see? Want to keep it for yourself? All images are available for sale - while viewing the image, simply click on the shopping cart icon to purchase without a watermark. Place your mug on a mug, your visage in a frame, your favorite locale in... well, you get the idea. 

Finally, if there's anything that I've missed - feel free to contact me. Fashion, Portrait, Landscape, or Corporate Events (sorry, no weddings!) are all available. 

Otherwise, thanks for visiting. Please feel free to share on your favorite social media platform!

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